The dump car leaves from Toyota on a sold Dyna truck and is the vehicle which even the construction of the construction spot and the city area is popular with. plays an active part in a dust cart and the conveyance of materials in the construction spot, the transportation of the earth and sand to the full, and it is charm of the Dyna that is available to 1t - 5t widely. There is much loading capacity, but, as for the Toyota Dyna dump truck, a single cab can utilize even a double jug enough if I examine the transportation of the staff. Because I have enough 184cm - 210cm in the double cab, it should be available surely if it is general material. Because a certain trust 1KD-FTV and 1TR-FE of the Dyna is carried as for the engine, I can apply even what kind of area well.
Cargo, a dump truck, the car model of the route van are performed a lineup of, and the variation of 1.0t - 4.7t is prepared for about the maximum load capacity now. The route van specifications superior in loading performance are performed a lineup of, too.
Conventionally, operability, the livability in the cabin improves, and the safe performance is superior to a car model, too. In addition, I adapt myself to social needs and clear various exhaust emission regulation about the environmental performance. In addition, hybrid specifications superior in mileage characteristics-saving are prepared for to cargo.
Drive procedures include 2WD and 4WD, and a double is prepared for if the cab is single. In addition, there are a standard and long shot on the deck, and 3 change methods are had on a dump truck, too.